It is not unusual at all to find cctv installed in businesses and commercial environments. This is usually because many people believe this is where the majority of thieves are dense and where crimes are likely and liable to occur. It is easy to find it in every corner and every turning. While this has grown drastically in business it is also growing in home too. Many people are adopting the use of cctv in their home. Many people like to think it only big home and rich homes that do this and should do this. Unfortunately, that’s not true. The size of the home should not matter as the most valuable things are found in every home and one of them is life. It is very easy to install and you don’t even have to be the one to install it in most cases, there are professionals who install cctv the right way saving you all the stress. Drastic intensification of the safety and protection of your property by this one singular action is what results and you would be able to have more rest and sense of security if you have cctv installed.

Here are some of the top 5 reasons to use CCTV at home

1. Deduced insurance

This is the first and has never been the reason anyone would think of installing a cctv camera in their home but it definitely comes as an advantage and that is sure a plus. Compare to how much you will be paying an insurance company, this singular action of the installation of cctv in your home will make sure to increase your safety thus you don’t have to pay so much. When you install a cctv camera, you reduce the chances of your property being burgled and since there is a reduced likelihood of security breach then you would not have to pay so much more in insurance.


2. Deters crimes.

This is one of the major uses of cctv cameras. Many people install the cameras into their homes in a bid to see who goes in and any potential thief. What they fail to realize is, the moment you put the cctv there in your home, the crime will reduce to rock bottom and eventually cease. No one is a thief unless he is cut right and what use is stealing if your face is going to be seen. Installation of cctv in your home will see to it that your home becomes a no go area. Aside criminal activities, it also makes sure people who are in that particular building mind their actions.

3. Crime and activity identification

Installation of cctv cameras in your home is not just a preventive system but it also helps spot criminals if needed. It could be possible that the criminals do not know there are pre installed cameras in the building. Other activities aside criminal activities can also be recorded and used in the future if any problem arises.

4. Useful in blindspots

There could be series of blindspots in your home where you can see from the window or light doesn’t get to, or for reason you can see through that passage, you can easily install a camera in such blindspots and see all the activities which goes on in there

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